Part One: The Canon of Secular Life

Chapter One: Prolegomenon

From the very moment a numinous consciousness enters a mother’s womb, up through the time it is born in this world, matures, lives its life, and finally enters nirvāṇa, there must be a path that one pursues through embracing the dharma, in order that one’s current life may be consummate and that one may enjoy a consummate life in the eternal world as well. Therefore, during gestation, there must be a Way of prenatal education; after birth in this world and during infancy, there must be a Way of infant education; as one grows up, there must be a Way of general education involving both the study of sciences and study of the Way; in a household, there must be a Way governing relations between husband and wife, parents and children, and siblings and kin; in a religious community, there must be a Way of faith and a Way for believers; in society, there must be a Way for men and women, old and young, strong and weak, and the public at large; in the nation, there must be a Way of governing and a Way for the governed; in the world, there must be a Way of humankind; as one reaches old age after completing all types of human affairs, there must be a Way of repose and a Way of liberation; at the point of nirvāṇa, there must be a Way of nirvāṇa and a Way of sending on spirits in transition. Thus, there is no limit to the number of principles that human beings must practice throughout their lives by embracing the dharma, but I have elucidated the fundamentals of these principles and titled it The Canon of Secular Life.

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